Number of registered candidates for mayor of Bălți rises to eight


The Bălți District Electoral Council so far registered eight aspirants to the post of mayor of Bălți. The required documents on November 21 were filed by Nicolae Chirilciuc, on behalf of Moldova’s Patriots Party, and Fiodor Ghelici, of the Working People’s Party. The two were already registered.

The Council’s secretary Viorica Cemîrtan has told IPN that as a result of the draw, it was decided that Nicolae Chirinciuc will be under No.9 on the ballot, while Fiodor Ghelici – under No. 8. “Mister Ghelici asked to hold the draw in his absence as he had to leave for Chisinau. But he said he will accept the number that will be attributed to him by draw,” stated Viorica Cemîrtan.

To date, the Bălți District Electoral Council registered the following candidates for mayor: Boris Marcoci, of the Party of Action and Solidarity; Ion Starciuc, of the Party “Building Europe at Homer”; Maxim Burduja, of the National Unity Party, Alexandr Nesterovschi, of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists, independent Nicolai Grigorishin, and Ivan Tulburi, of the Liberal Party.

The file of former Romanian MP Mihai Rizea, of the Political Party “Noi” (registered as Mihai Cristian according to a copy of the temporary identity card issued by the Republic of Moldova) is being examined.

The snap mayoral elections in the municipality of Bălți were set for November 21.