No-confidence motion fails


The no-confidence motion against the Cabinet that was proposed by the MPs of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists wasn’t adopted. The debates in Parliament on Thursday lasted for about five hours. After Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița was questioned, only the Communist and Socialist MPs voted in favor of the motion, IPN reports.

Premier Gavrilița spoke about the actions and measures taken by the Government following the multiple crises experienced by the country and about the reforms that, as the official said, brought Moldova closer to the European Union. She also mentioned the social measures and measures to support farmers and businesses.

“As long as I’m confident that we and our Government with honest people and professionals can stand by the people, we can help them in this difficult period, can mobilize the resources of our partners, can help the entrepreneurs, can maintain and increase the number of jobs, I will continue to struggle together with my colleagues so that we can take decisions that will be better than those taken during the last 30 years,” stated Natalia Gavrilița.

Socialist Deputy Parliament Speaker Vlad Batrîncea accused the Government of permanently making reference to the events in the neighboring country when the problems experienced in Moldova need to be dealt with. “Why the Ukrainian authorities can ensure twice lower food prices but in our country, which is not at war, this cannot be done? Why price regulation instruments are applied in Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria and other states but in our country they are not applied?” asked the MP.

Socialist MP Grigore Novac said the PAS lied to the people when it promised better times and appropriate justice to the people as the reality is different, while his mate Petru Burduja accused the Government of bearing full responsibility for the crisis in which the Republic of Moldova found itself. He said the executive managed the country only by declaring states of emergency on different pretexts, using the parliamentary majority as a voting machine, while its incompetent and irresponsible actions took the country and its citizens to poverty, economic decline and unprecedented increases in prices.

PAS MP Vasile Grădinaru in his speech said that this no-confidence motion is nothing but a desperate attempt to oust the current Government from power. “I want to remind you that these parties are financed with money from bags and from Bahamas, from schemes to purchase electricity and others. These parties are managed by persons who are suspected, accused or already convicted of different offenses, from fraud to unjust enrichment,” noted the MP.

The no-confidence motion against the Cabinet led by Natalia Gavrilița was put to the vote close to 10pm. Only 30 BCS MPs voted for it. Forty PAS MPs voted against, while the MPs of the Shor Party didn’t attend the sitting.