Nicu Popescu: We are interested in advancing as rapidly as possible in our cooperation with Romania


The Republic of Moldova is interested in advancing as rapidly as possible on several cooperation files with Romania. The statement belongs to Minister Nicu Popescu who, in a video interview given to IPN Press Agency, mentioned that additional efforts must be made to build a common infrastructure with Romania.

Attending a reunion of Romanian ambassadors in Bucharest, the foreign minister had a bilateral meeting with his Romanian counterpart, Ramona Mănescu. "We have a common history, language and culture with Romania, but we must make more efforts to build a common infrastructure: more bridges, electrical interconnections, gas pipelines, telecommunications," said Nicu Popescu.

The Foreign Minister mentioned that in the dialogue with the Romanian side, as a representative of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, he wished, among other things, that the gas pipeline with Romania be built as soon as possible and that roaming tariffs with the European Union be eliminated. "We want to build a new bridge in Ungheni, to connect to Unirii highway in Iași towards the border with Hungary, so that we can access Europe faster, so that our trucks with goods can reach Europe quicker," specified Nicu Popescu.

The head of the Moldovan diplomacy says that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants the Republic of Moldova to attain the standards existent throughout the European Union, and with Romania this would be achieved sooner.

"These are the topics discussed with our Romanian colleagues. Every time we meet, I ask at what stage we are, which is the next step we need to take in order not to delay these processes," said Nicu Popescu.

The video interview given to the IPN Press Agency by the Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu is part of "Relations of the Republic of Moldova with the development partners" cycle, supported by the German Foundation Hans Seiddel.