New regulations on cash machines will make harder the activity of economic agents


The regulations on applying Cash and Control Machines (CCM) is a new bureaucratic act that will create new problems for small and medium businesses and will not contribute in any way to improving the business environment, the chairman of Small Business Association (SMB), Eugen Roscovan declared. According to the quoted source, on one hand, the economic agent is forced to read all day new documents, having no time for his business. On the other hand the new Regulations, according to Roscovan will offer the public servants the possibility to terrorize entrepreneurs and impose unofficial payments. In all civilized states, with developed economy, new regulations are not introduced very often. There are laws that impose to entrepreneurs some rules valid for about 100 years. In our country, the laws and regulations are changing each half a year, or even at every 3 months. Only the law on licensing changed already twice in one year without any ground”, Eugen Roscovan mentioned. According to SMB, this shows the fact that in the Republic of Moldova an extremely bureaucratic leading “machine” already exists and it consumes about 80% of the state budget and deals with “producing papers”. More, new changes will be introduced in the unique registry of cash and control machines together with the appearance of big companies that will be interested to sell cash machines. According to the new Regulations on CCM, when performing cash payments for commercial transactions with consumers, the Moldovan economic agents, including taxi-transport service is obliged to use these machines. The entrepreneurs must purchase CCMs included in the unique registry of CCM for all its subdivisions, to register or re-register the machines at the fiscal body, to open for each CCM a registry were all daily cashing must be noted. As well, entrepreneurs must sign for each machine contracts with the technical assistance centers. The regulations stipulate that non-use or breaking the exploitation rules of CCM or of consumers’ rights are punished according to the legislation in force. According to the same document, it is allowed to perform cash transactions without using cash machines is selling agricultural products in markets, if selling agricultural products of other economic agents to individual farms, selling religious goods or religious literature, newspapers, magazines, lottery tickets. This rule is also valid for the services offered in the public transport, veterinary service, the activities performed by patents owners, the activities performed in hospitals of rural areas as well as the activity of financial institutions. The regulations on CCM came into force on July 7, 2006, after its publishing in “The Official Monitor of the Republic of Moldova”.