New block to be opened at Kindergarten-Crèche No. 125 in Chisinau


A new block will be put into operation on the territory of Kindergarten-Crèche No. 125 in the Centru district of the capital city. This is an erected annex intended for two more groups. Also, the space for an already existing group within the institution was fully rebuilt, IPN reports.

Within the project carried out by the municipality, the territory and playground were redesigned. New pavilions were built for three groups of children.

“Kindergarten-Crèche No. 125 was founded on November 23, 1972 and has, according to the design, six groups for children with a capacity of 105 places. Currently, the kindergarten is attended by 177 children,” mayor Ion Ceban stated in the weekly meeting of officials of municipal services.

The works started at the end of 2022. “The new block complies with the European standards, is energy efficient, secure and adapted to the needs of beneficiaries. The groups are fully equipped with furniture and various conveniences, both in terms of educational activities and of administrative-organizational and sanitary activities,” noted the mayor.

Over 14.4 million lei was invested in Kindergarten-Crèche No. 125. Also, more than 12 billion lei was allocated the last few years to modernize the education sector in Chisinau, in over 330 educational institutions.