Neurologist Stanislav Groppa: “And if you ask me if there is anything after death, I will say...”


Life lasts as long as the brain works. Brain death is biological death. And our major goal is not to diagnose brain death... And if you ask me if there is anything after death, I will say that it depends on faith, education, (shared) values and (hope for) continuity in another form that we imagine but don’t know. I believe that this continuity has other forms and ways that humanity will yet know or Someone from above will open the book, the door and the primer of continuity will appear to us,”  neurologist Stanislav Groppa, academician, habilitated doctor, vice-rector for research of the Chisinau State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, stated in a TV talk show, being quoted by IPN.

Asked about brilliant personalities, the researcher opined that any personality is determined, first of all, genetically. “Those characters that manifest themselves as an exception, as a greater prominence in relation to others are the product of various factors and, first of all, of the processes of modification - sometimes also mutagenicity. I think the most important thing is that perfection induces mutagenesis processes and personalities become apt, at some point, to inherit more characters... The case of lucid genius that generates exceptional personalities is also known,” said Stanislav Groppa. Even though there are examples of another kind, “I'm sure excellence is an inherited background, accompanied by proper education and selfless work.”

In the doctor’s view, the war waged on Ukraine represents a terrible situation for any human being – “there cannot be another more terrible one”. Humans live and work to enjoy health, “to participate in the processes of integration between countries and nations. But at some point, war is announced. It was stress. It was grief and was refusal by conscience to perceive such a situation.”

In connection with the absurdity of war, the scientist said that a university scientific council a few years ago discussed the curriculum and training of the doctor. It seemed that such disciplines as “field therapy”, “field surgery” are anachronisms that the future doctors don’t need. “At that moment, I didn’t see any need to keep the curriculum in the given formula. We couldn’t imagine then that the need to train doctors (to work) in conditions of military defense would arise... We condemn this terrible situation...,” noted the habilitated doctor.

According to Stanislav Groppa, no matter how difficult the circumstances are, one must love life. “Life is given once by the One who is above. It is unique. It is a Gift of God - to live, to enjoy, to help. To esteem and understand, to thank parents, (to obey) the obligation to raise and educate those you brought to earth,” said the protagonist of the talk show.

The scientist said that he was trained as a specialist in Moscow too, at a unique institute in its kind, which focused on neuromuscular disorders in unusual patients in neurokinetic subjects and also on problems of human adaptation to extreme conditions, such as the cosmos, underwater environment or other environments beyond the limit of human possibilities.

Academician Aurelian Gulea said in the same show that Stanislav Groppa is a participant in numerous international salons as an inventor, where he was honored with gold medals, while the Kingdom of Belgium conferred on him the rank of Elite Knight in this capacity.

Wikipedia attests that Stanislav Groppa (born on May 15, 1956 in Verejeni, Ocniţa district, Moldavian SSR) is a Moldovan physician, specialist in neurology and medical genetics, a member of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. He is the vice-rector for research activity and head of department at “Nicolae Testemitanu” State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova, a senior scientific researcher, university professor and humiliated doctor in medical sciences. Stanislav Groppa is the president of the Society of Neurologists of Moldova.