Negotiations will end with secret agreement between PDM and PLDM, analyst


The negotiations on the formation of the new Government are close to an end. Political analyst Viorel Cibotaru considers that the new Cabinet will be voted in on April 25. According to the analyst, the latest developments revealed the existence of solid understandings between the PDM and PLDM. But the agreement between the two parties will be secret, IPN reports.

“There are hidden interests. The understandings were analyzed thoroughly and the views are clear. Ghimpu is no longer part of this process,” said the analyst.

According to Viorel Cibotaru, the election of the prosecutor general and the endorsement of the joint electoral system are actions showing that the executive will be constituted. He said it would not be the alliance No. 3 as it would be rather a pragmatic agreement to enable the current government to complete its term based on the program agreed by the AEI 2.

The analyst believes that the opinion of the PL will be taken into account, but the mechanism that any decision should be taken by consensus will no longer work.

Viorel Cibotaru anticipated that 70% of the Cabinet’s composition will be kept. Only changes to the composition of the ministries will be made.

President Nicolae Timofti designated Vlad Filat as Prime Minister on April 10.