NBM welcomes Victoriabank’s readiness to cooperate with investigation bodies


In connection with the recent actions taken by investigation bodies, the National Bank of Moldova (NBM) welcomes the readiness of the administration of the commercial bank Victoriabank SA to cooperate with it, IPN reports.

“BC Victoriabank SA is part of the broad reformation process that has taken place in the banking sector during the past few years, by which the activity in a number of strategic areas, such as transparency of share ownership, corporate governance, compliance with prudential norms, management of risks and others, were improved. This evolution is an important signal for internationally renowned investors, among which is Banca Transilvania SA. This fact is appreciated and supported by the development partners of the Republic of Moldova,” runs a press release issued by the central bank.

According to the NBM, Victoriabank has witnessed positive modernization and international standards meeting dynamics. As the surveillance authority, the NBM monitors the situation in the banking sector of the Republic of Moldova.

The Prosecutor General’s Office said 1.9bn lei assets of the commercial bank, which is featured in the case concerning the banking fraud, were sequestrated with the aim of repairing the damage caused by laundering money in the interests of an organized criminal group and by abuse of power. The assets could be eventually confiscated for the benefit of the state.

In a press release, Victoriabank said it was surprised to learn about its inclusion in this case that concerns events that happened in Moldova’s banking system six years ago. The bank is also surprised that information about the given situation is disseminated without it being informed about those events. “Victoriabank, in its current form and after the transformation started in 2018, has no connection with the case investigated by the authorities. To prove this, Victoriabank cooperates with the authorities and is waiting for the next stages of the process,” runs the press release.