National Wine Day brings together people in central Chisinau


Tens of people went to the Great National Assembly Square of Chisinau where almost 90 wineries exhibit their products today and tomorrow. According to the organizers, this year’s edition is a retrospect of the results achieved the past 21 years and represents homage brought to the winemaking and winegrowing community. It is a call for solidarity for the wine industry and for all those who contributed to the development of the sector, IPN reports.

President Maia Sandu said that she was proud when a Moldovan wine was named the best worldwide in a competition that involved 5,000 wines made all over the world. She is proud that the wineries in Moldova obtained 1,200 medals during a year, half of which are gold ones. According to her, this is a proof of the quality of work and of talent, while the wine industry is a living example when a crisis can be turned into an opportunity, while a catastrophe can be turned into a quality revolution.

Elizaveta Breahnă, director of the National Office of Vine and Wine, said that 87 national winners waited for this moment so as to come closer to the consumers, to present the results of their work – wine products awarded at the greatest international contests. The national wineries will open their doors to tourists who are willing to discover them. The sector comprises over 52,500 farmers and wine farms and about 240 wineries. Together, these enterprises employ directly or indirectly 15% of the active labor force of the country. Over the last few years, US$700 million was invested in the sector. The Moldovan winemakers brought more than 2,000 medals from abroad the past two years.

Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Vladimir Bolea noted that the current day is a unique occasion for celebrating the legends of the wine heritage and for learning about winemakers’ accomplishments. The wine industry has long ago become an essential sector of the economy and a calling card of Moldova. During the last few years, the wine industry secured 3% of the country’s GDP and over 8% of the exports. The sector employs each fourth person who works in agriculture. The Moldovan wines are exported to over 70 countries.

U.S. Ambassador to Moldova Kent D. Logsdon said that the U.S. Government, through the agency of USAID, has supported the diversification of exports to high-value markets of the EU and other global markets and also supported the wine tourism so as to contribute to sustainable, inclusive and resilience development of rural communities. The U.S. will continue supporting this industry. Moldova’s wine unites all the Moldovans and contributes to the success of the industry and the country. The diplomat called on the people to buy Moldovan wine and to be sure that they drink one of the best wines in the world.

Head of the Iasi County Council Costel Alexe, the guest of the event, noted that any wine lover on earth should come to the Republic of Moldova at least ounce so as to see, feel, taste, appreciate and speak about the work, effort and treasure of this nation.

In the event, the Top Prize in winemaking was conferred on Purcari Winery. The medal “Petru Ungureanu” and the title “Most Skillful Oenologist of the Year” went to Victor Răilean of Sălcuța Winery, the medal “Nicolae Guzun” and the title “Winemaker of the Year” were conferred on Andrei Kovali of Vinăria din Vale Winery, while the gratitude medal “Wine of Moldova – a Living Legend” went to Arcadie Cornea of Crama Mircești Winery. USAID received the appreciation trophy for strategic partnership.

The National Wine Day is staged by the National Office of Vine and Wine on October 1-2.