Natalia Gavrilița presents governmental team


The candidate for Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița presented her team alongside which she will go to Parliament to ask for a vote of confidence. Among the proposed ministers are current presidential advisers and MPs of the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS), IPN reports.

Nicu Popescu was suggested for deputy prime minister, minister of foreign affairs and European integration. He is a researcher and foreign policy expert and held the post of minister of foreign affairs and European integration as part of Maia Sandu’s Government. Nicu Popescu is an associate university professor of the Paris Institute of Political Sciences (Sciences Po) and director of the Wider Europe program of the European Council on Foreign Relations, Paris office. He earlier worked for research centers in Brussels (CEPS), London (ECFR) and Paris (EUISS).

Andrei Spînu was proposed for deputy prime minister, minister of infrastructure and regional development. He is the secretary general of the presidential administration and secretary general of the Party of Action and Solidarity. In 2019, he held the post of secretary general of the Government, while in 2015–2016, he served as the deputy minister of youth and sport. He is an IT entrepreneur.

Ex-adviser on foreign policy and strategic planning in the Government of Maia Sandu, Vlad Kulminski was proposed for deputy prime minister for reintegration. In 2020 – 2021, he held the post of adviser on conflict settlement at the UNDP Crisis Bureau of. He worked out and implemented programs centering on conflict resolution and good governance in the region as part of such international organizations as Humanitarian Dialog of Switzerland, UNDP, DFID and World Bank. In 2016 – 2019, he worked as the executive director of the Institute for Strategic Initiatives.

Iurie Țurcanu aspires to the post of deputy prime minister for digitalization. He is a digitalization expert with 15 years’ experience in the field. He now serves as digitalization coordinator at the e-Government Agency. Iurie Țurcanu is one of the developers of the main governmental platforms MCloud, Msign, MPass, Mobile e-ID, MConnect. Since 2005, he has taught at the Technical University of Moldova.

MP and PAS vice president Sergiu Litvinenco was nominated for minister of justice. A founding member of PAS, he also sat in the previous Parliament. Since June until November 2019, he headed the commission on appointments and immunities and was later a member of this commission. Before entering Parliament, he worked in the public administration system and for a number of projects financed by the World Bank, UNDP, UNICEF.

A doctor by profession, currently presidential adviser on health, Ala Nemerenco was proposed for minister of health. She held this post in 2019, as part of the Government of Maia Sandu. She worked for the WHO Country Office and was a consultant of the WHO and other international organizations in the Balkans and Central Asia, and personal adviser to the minister of health of Romania.

Anatolie Nosatîi is suggested for minister of defense. He is a military man who worked for over 30 years for the National Army and for international military organizations. Until 2020, he headed the Operations Division of the General Staff of the National Army. In 2014–2018, he served as a military officer of the Department for Peacekeeping Operations at the UN Office in New York.

Presidential adviser Ana Revenco was nominated for minister of home affairs. She was the executive director of the International Center “La Strada” Moldova. In 2012-2015, she headed the Center for Combatting Trafficking in Persons of the Ministry of Home Affairs, while in 2013-2015, he organized the implementation of the action plan for liberalizing the visa regime with the EU on behalf of the General Police Inspectorate.

Anatolie Topală aspires to the post of minister of education and research. In 2015-2019, he managed the National Agency for Curriculum and Assessment, while since 2013 until 2015 he headed the Quality Assurance Agency. Anatolie Topală is a university lecturer and a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences.

Economic policy program director at the Think Tank “Expert-Grup, in charge of studies and economic policy and technical assistance at the National Bank of Moldova, Sergiu Gaibu was proposed for minister of economy. In 2009 – 2014, he was a member of the executive committee of Banca Comercială Română in Chisinau. In 2008 – 2016, he was an associate expert of the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives “Viitorul”.

PAS MP Dumitru Budianschi was nominated for minister of finance. He is a mathematician, economist and expert in public finance. In 2011 – 2021, he worked for “Expert-Grup”, while in 2013 – 2019, he served as an expert and financial consultant for a number of internationals projects and institutions, including UNDP, BDO Audit, ICON-INSTITUT Engineering, GFA Consulting Group.

PAS vice president Iuliana Cantaragiu was suggested for minister of the environment. Former secretary of state at the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment in the Government of Maia Sandu, Iuliana Cantaragiu is an expert in environmental protection and circular economy, with an experience of over 20 years in the NGO sector. She worked as the vice director of the National Environmental Center, while in 2020, she served as an environmental specialist at the Public Services Agency, as part of a World-Bank funded project.

Sergiu Prodan was proposed for minister of culture. He is a film director, scenarist and producer, director of the production house “Sergiu Prodan”. In 2013-2017, he headed the Filmmakers Union of Moldova. In 2009-2013, he taught at the Academy of Music, Tester and Plastic Arts, while in 2004, he served as the director general of the National Public Broadcaster “Teleradio-Moldova”.

Expert and director general of Syndex Romania, which is a member of the French group Syndex, Marcel Spatari is suggested for minister of labor and social protection. He is the author of articles and studies concerning the situation of salary earners, social dialogue, labor market, minimum salary, cost of decent living and impact of COVID-19 on salary earners and the labor market.

Viorel Gherciu was nominated for minister of agriculture and food industry. He is an expert in agriculture. Since 2018, he has managed VEREIN Donau Soja in Moldova. In 2017-2018, he served as project coordinator in the implementation of agrifood policies at the EIB in Ukraine. Since 2003, he has managed RuralInvest, while in 2015 – 2017 had worked for the EIB project “Agricultural Business and Rural Development” on behalf of the organization.

PAS candidate Natalia Gavrilița was designated for Prime Minister by a decree signed by President Maia Sandu on July 30. The Bloc of the Communists and the Socialists said they will not vote for the Gavrilița Government. The Shor Party announced they will support the PAS candidate.  Natalia Gavrilița’s Cabinet can be voted in by a majority of votes. PAS has an absolute majority of 63 seats of MP.