Natalia Gavrilița: Instrument of state of emergency is used with moderation and good faith


The authorities have braced for the coming months and the Commission for Exceptional Situations already adopted several ordinances for the benefit of the citizens and business entities affected by the energy crisis and the consequences of the war in Ukraine, Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița stated in Parliament where she asked the state of emergency to be extended for another 60 days, IPN reports.

The official said that preconditions were created for purchasing and storing natural gas, crude oil, coal and firewood, while Energocom obtained a license from the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority and can sell/buy natural gas on Romania’s market. Access to firewood was facilitated by keeping the prices at last year’s levels.

In order to reduce the economic consequences of the war, the profit margins on the main food products were limited, while the export of perishable food products and the Moldovan agricultural producers’ access to markets and fairs were facilitated. So as to manage the flow of refugees, the conditions of entering Moldova were simplified. These measures wouldn’t have been possible without the constitutional instrument of the state of emergency that was used with moderation and good faith

Natalia Gavrilița enumerated the taken social measures, such as the offering of one-off payments to pensioners and public sector employees and augmentation of the minimum salary, child benefit and grants for national businesses. “Besides the request to approve the extension of the state of emergency, I call on all the Moldovans to support the approach to fundamentally rebuild the Republic of Moldova, to contribute to a better and more prosperous European future in unity, solidarity and peace,” noted the official.

The decision to extend the state of emergency for another 60 days as from October 7 was adopted by the votes of 53 MPs.