MPs say they are ready for both scenarios after CC passes its judgment


The MPs have differing opinions when it goes to the necessity of dissolving Parliament. The representatives of the PAS say all the conditions for dissolving Parliament were met, while the Socialists say that if pressure is not exerted on the Constitutional Court judges, the Court’s decision should be in favor of the current Parliament. While the PAS and PSRM shift responsibility for the current political crisis onto each other, the representatives of the PPPDA say their party is ready for both of the scenarios, IPN reports.

The PAS MPs anticipate the CC will take a decision in favor of the President, who asked to ascertain the circumstances for dissolving Parliament.

“Given that all the conditions stipulated in the Constitution were fulfilled, we expect an affirmative response or we wouldn’t have gone to the Court. Ninety days since December 23 and 45 days since the first nomination of the candidate for Prime Minister expired. So, Parliament can be dissolved so that we have snap elections and satisfy the people’s wish,” PAS MP Vladimir Bolea stated in the talk show “Red Button” on the public TV channel Moldova 1.

On the other hand, the Socialists said the President should contribute to solving the political crisis, but she only mimicked the identification of solutions. Therefore, they expect the CC judges to rule in favor of Parliament.

“We provided all the arguments to show that there are no circumstances for dissolving Parliament. President Sandu mimicked the procedures stipulated in the Constitution. The expiry of terms cannot be imputed to Parliament as it was the President who didn’t take steps,” said Socialist MP Vasile Bolea.

The MPs of the PPPDA said their party is ready for new parliamentary elections no matter when these are held.

“No matter what decision is taken, we will obey it. The snap elections are inevitable, but until then we will be in a chaos and someone should assume responsibility for it. Those who didn’t accept our idea to invest an anti-crisis Government for a determined period of time should assume this chaos,” said PPPDA MP Vasile Năstase.

The Constitutional Court is today considering the circumstances for dissolving Parliament. If the CC judges decide there are reasons for dissolving Parliament, this will happen after the state of emergency is lifted.