MP demands to question administration of TRM in Parliament


The chairman of the PAS group of the ACUM Bloc Igor Grosu requests to question the administration of the national public broadcaster “Teleradio-Moldova” (TRM) in Parliament. He noted that even if the company is paid with taxpayers’ money, this eulogizes Igor Dodon and the Party of Socialists, IPN reports.

“Calculations show that politicians appeared on the national TV channel for 15 times in the period between last November and the start of this February. In only two cases of these 15, the politicians represented opposition parties,” stated Igor Grosu.

According to him, it’s clear that the public television, in the new political context, turned into a television service that obeys the PSRM. This wouldn’t have been a problem if this company hadn’t been paid with taxpayers’ money. He has nothing against the holding that eulogizes Igor Dodon and the PSRM from morning till evening, but this party should not be praised with money paid by the people for the public TV channel Moldova 1.

Igor Grosu also asked to perform an audit at the national public broadcaster.