Moldova’s rate of alignment with EU sanctions will increase rapidly, Deputy Prime Minister


Moldova’s rate of alignment with EU sanctions will increase rapidly, declared Nicu Popescu, Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

“We are now doing an evaluation and re-evaluation of several decisions taken previously and soon we will be back with more details on this subject. Absolutely any measure of this order requires concrete actions in our institutions or financial institutions, or the institutions that monitor the entries/exits from the Republic of Moldova and many other subjects”, Nicu Popescu told a press conference Friday.

“At this stage, we are analyzing the practical way in which the Republic of Moldova will have more answers in certain fields. On other areas related to sanctions, our position is absolutely clear. Our rate of alignment with European sanctions will increase visibly, rapidly in the near future”, the foreign minister added.

When asked about Russia’s reaction to the recent decision in the Moldovan Parliament to replace the phrase “Moldovan language” with “Romanian language” across the national legislation, the deputy prime minister said that how a language is called is a country’s sovereign decision. “We are outraged by the outrage of the Russian Federation. The language we speak belongs to us. The decision as to how we call this language belongs to us, and absolutely no country in the world has the legal or moral right to comment on this”, said Nicu Popescu.