Moldovans in Italy need self-certification form to vote


The Moldovan citizens who will go to vote in the presidential runoff on November 15 at the polling stations established in Italy must have a self-certification form on them. They will be allowed access to the polling station in areas with restricted movement – red zone and orange zone - only based on such a document, IPN reports.

Moldova’s Embassy in Italy said the standard self-certification form must contain the personal data, while in the division “situazione di necesita” there should be written “voto Elezioni Presidenziali Moldova-15 novembre” (voting in presidential elections Moldova – November 15).

The correctly filled out form is the only document that will allow movement on the election day and the Embassy recommends the Moldovans to make sure that they have such a form.

The Moldovans in Italy can vote at one of the 30 polling stations established there for the presidential elections.