Moldovan-Romanian commission of economic cooperation reaches agreements


A number of social and economic projects of strategic importance were discussed in the eleventh meeting of the intergovernmental Moldovan-Romanian commission for economic cooperation. The building of a European gauge railway from Ungheni to Chisinau, implementation of roaming at domestic charges between Moldova and Romania and the project to build a road bridge on the Prut River near Ungheni are the key projects that are to be implemented by the two states, IPN reports.

Minister of Economy and Infrastructure Kiril Gaburici appreciated the bilateral relations between Moldova and the EU, saying the neighboring state is Moldova’s main trading partner to which Moldova directs about 28.7% its exports, while imports from Romania represent 14.9%. Projects will be further implemented to ensure the energy independence, by extending the Iași-Ungheni gas pipeline to Chisinau, to connect Moldova to the European power system and to connect a number of districts situated around Ungheni town to the drinking water supply system of Romania.

Minister of Business Environment, Trade and Entrepreneurship of Romania Ștefan-Radu Oprea said this joint commission enables to have efficient cooperation as information is exchanged easier and groups of experts work so that the projects implemented by Romania with Moldova are carried out as swiftly as possible. It  ensures an open and consistent dialogue between the states and serves as an efficient platform for putting into practice the common socioeconomic activities.

Ștefan-Radu Oprea said the common meeting of the Governments of Romania and Moldova scheduled for November  22 will examine a list of projects and will decide the actions that need to be taken to implement them. Given that Romania will take over the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU, it is important to have this list of projects that will show the priorities of the two states. Trade between Romania and Moldova came close to €2 billion.

Alexandru Baltaga, director of the Moldova Business People Association, proposed creating a Business Council that would include business associations, associations of Romanian investors, the Chambers of Trade and Industry and large companies so as to foster commercial exchanges.

Dan Nuțiu, executive director of the Romanian Investors Association in Moldova, said that today the Romanian capital investments in Moldova rank second. A year ago, these were placed third. The objective for next year is to make sure that the Romanian investors direct the largest capital investments to Moldova. He suggested that the union highway Târgu Mureș – Iași – Ungheni should be extended to Chisinau.