Moldovan foreign deputy minister mentioned in Vienna the interest of Chisinau in more active involvement of EU in regional projects of the Black Sea


The deputy minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova, Valeriu Ostalep, attended the Conference organised by the European Alpbach Forum, held in Vienna and is devoted to European Union’s accession and its impact on the region of the Black Sea, according to MAEIE report. In his speech, Ostalep referred to political and economic relevance of the region of the Black Sea, mentioning the interest of Moldova in the more active involvement of the European Union in the regional projects held in the area of the Black Sea. High level authorities of the foreign ministers of Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine, well-known personalities of the academic world of these countries, as well as the representatives of the European Parliament, OSCE, OCEMN attended this conference. During the conference, Valeriu Ostalep had a meeting with Erhard Busek, special coordinator of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe, chairman of the European Alpbach Forum, discussing the transformation processes within the Stability Pact, cooperation with SEECP and the accession perspectives of CEFTA. In the context of discussions, Ostalep reiterated the invitation for Dr. Alpo Rusi, Senior Chairman of Review Group of the Stability Pact, to make a visit to Moldova in April 2006, it is mentioned in the report.