Moldova Agroindbank has registered the abbreviated legal name. Officially, as of today, the name of the bank is ‘maib’


We are happy to announce the completion of the process and the official registration of the abbreviated name of the bank. Therefore, in the short version we are called BC “MAIB” SA, according to the Extract from the State Register of Legal Entities.

This allows us to use the short name extensively, including in official correspondence and in customer relations, which coincides with our brand message – to communicate on behalf of maib.

We remind you that on October 7 this year, maib has announced a new brand identity. The bank kept the short formula of the previously used name – MAIB, but has opted to write it in lowercase. The decision comes to support and complete the new logo, which as a whole instils a simple, modern, youthful and easily decipherable style at the same time.

Maib aligns with the needs and lifestyle of its customers. By implementing the new strategy, including the brand personality and the operational model, maib tends to offer many more facilities, both in real life and in the online environment.

The change of the legal name of the bank was also encouraged by the shareholders of the institution, who voted at the General Meeting of Shareholders on July 22 this year to amend the Statute of BC “Moldova Agroindbank” SA and supported the adoption of the abbreviated name – BC "MAIB" SA.

The bank will continue to be a modern brand, constantly changing, meeting the needs and exceeding customers’ expectations, a brand with quality people – always customer-centric, professional, transparent, trustworthy, innovative, agile, team-spirited.

At the same time, maib's commitment is to develop the digital component, to bring new products and services to the market, to create digital ecosystems and to contribute to the development of the national economy. The model of interaction and relationship building with maib's customers will remain simple and easy, thus the brand builds the pathway for moving forward, together with customers, partners, community, to the next level!

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