Ministry of Economy promises liberalisation of economy starting 2007


The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) pledges that it will fulfil the initiative of President Vladimir Voronin concerning the liberalisation of economy starting 2007. During a briefing on the results of 2006 and the prospects for 2007 held on December 26, Minister Igor Dodon stated that there have already been worked out a series of bills and amendments to legislative acts on this issue, so that at the very beginning of the following year, the ministry will start promoting the respective legal framework. “The Business needs several basic conditions in order to ensure an efficient activity: guarantees, stability and a reduced implication of inspection bodies in its activity”, the minister said, mentioning that the initiatives worked out by the MEC are meant to contribute to the realization of these three basic principles. On the other hand, Dodon mentioned that MEC aims to carry out a range of tasks in the first quarter of the next year. The ministry is to frame a series of proposals on facilitating the import of equipment, which would be introduced to Moldova as capital investments. The MEC’s standpoint is that the imports which serve as basis for ensuring sustainable economic growth should not be subject to custom taxation and VAT, Dodon mentioned. “Even if we don’t propose the total exemption from taxes, we will identify various mechanisms in order that these imports will be advantageous” the minister emphasized. Igor Dodon hopes that in the first quarter, among the main legislative drafts, the Law on mortgage and the Law on industrial stocks would be approved. Amendments will be proposed to the Law on Free Economic Zones. Till the end of the year the Law on private public partnerships is to be worked out and approved, Dodon added, cited by Info-Prim Neo.