Minibus route managers intend to mount protests if they are not called to dialogue


The managers of minibus routes in Chisinau announced their intention to stage protests next week and to suspend some of the routes if the municipality does not invite them to discussions on the adjustment of fares. The carriers consider the problem can be solved by two ways – the municipality either accepts the request to increase the minibus fare or keep the fare of 3 lei but provide subsidies to private carriers in the same conditions as those enjoyed by municipal transport enterprises.

In a news conference at IPN, chairman of the Board of the Employers Association of Motor Transport Operators Oleg Alexa said the sum of subsidies that will be asked by private carriers depends on the City Hall’s demands towards them. According to carriers’ calculations, a trip by minibus should now cost 9.81 lei. For the minibus fare to remain at 3 lei, the municipality should subsidize the carriers with up to 70 million lei a year.

In the same news conference, minibus driver Victor Tutunaru said the drivers work in difficult conditions. They work all day long, including on the weekend, and their salaries do not exceed 4,000 lei.

Nicolae Seredneac, the manager of a transport firm, admitted that there are rude drivers and drivers who violate the road traffic rules, but this should not affect the image of the drivers who responsibly fulfill their duties. He proposed creating a database where to include all the violations committed by drivers. The drivers who are rude should be made to attend good manners courses.

Manager Veaceslav Găină noted that the carriers had discussions with the administration of the City Hall and with municipal councilors, except for those of the Party of Socialists. They all confirmed that they received the calculations that justify the rise in fares. Now the carriers wait for the authorities’ decision.