Mihai Popșoi: Relations with Russia are at lowest level in Moldova's independence history


Deputy Prime Minister Mihai Popșoi said the relations with the Russian Federation are currently at the lowest level in the independence history of the Republic of Moldova. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, this is the result of Russia’s barbaric aggression against Ukraine, but also of the rather unfriendly approaches within the Moldovan-Russian relationship, IPN reports.

“The energy crisis we went through is the result of aggression, not to mention the attempts to sponsor various political actors who are exponents of the Kremlin in order to destabilize the situation in the Republic of Moldova, using also particular political actors from the Gagauz autonomous unit, trying to destabilize things in the Transnistrian region, but they didn’t succeeded and will not succeed because the Republic of Moldova, despite all the difficulties it is going through, has strengthened its defense capability and defense in the broad sense of the word – societal resilience, resilience of all the law enforcement institutions in our country, thanks to generous support from our partners, including and first of all from Romania,” Minister Popșoi stated in an interview for Euronews Romania.

According to him, the Republic of Moldova is now stronger and more resilient than it was two or three years ago, including in the energy sector, where the greatest progress is made thanks primarily to Romania’s support.

 “We take care of our citizens. We contribute to the economic growth of the Republic of Moldova despite all the Russian Federation’s attempts to undermine the economy of the Republic of Moldova as a result of the barbaric aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. Russia, with great regret, for 30 years has undermined everything that means stability, development in the Republic of Moldova, holding us hostage to that frozen conflict on the left bank of the Nistru. This belligerent rhetoric on the part of the Kremlin leaves us cold. We know what we have to do. Who know who our friends are and the citizens of the Republic of Moldova know this too,” said the  official.

Mihai Popșoi also said that the Russian Federation’s attempts are well known, but they have no chance of success, given that the Republic of Moldova’s citizens know their interests and see their future in the big European family, alongside Romania and the friendly countries.

Deputy Prime Minister Mihai Popșoi is paying an official visit to Bucharest during May 23-24  . The Minister of Foreign Affairs, together with his Romanian counterpart Luminița Odobescu, has taken part in the Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum. Also, the two officials will hold bilateral talks, after which they will make statements for the press.