Members of Laundromat commission showed uncertainty towards end, Inga Grigoriu


The report of the special parliamentary commission that examined how US$22 billion from the Russian Federation had been laundered through Moldovan banks in 2010-2014 wasn’t presented in its final version in Parliament as four of the commission members at the end showed uncertainty and indecision about the signing of this report, while one of them invoked a conflict of interest, ex-MP Inga Grigoriu, who led the given commission, said when speaking about the MPs’ failure to shed light in this case, IPN reports.

In a press briefing, Inga Grigoriu expressed yet her confidence that there is political will for this bill to be reintroduced into Parliament, noting that this can be done by a dedicated special parliamentary commission. She said the report that wasn’t presented in Parliament, but was made public shows clear connections between the bank fraud, the laundering of money, including through the Transnistrian segment, the robbing of regional enterprises and other money laundering schemes that were discovered meanwhile. The commission generated about 200 correspondences that are now kept in the Parliament’s archives.

The former PPPDA MP said the lack of courage among the functionaries of those times was due to the fact that the citizens weren’t informed about what was going on in the financial-banking system of the Republic of Moldova, how the citizens have been robbed daily, year by year. “The state institutions were amorphous and didn’t act. They found pretexts not to do their job,” stated Inga Grigoriu.

She urged the Parliament’s functionaries not to hide the commission’s documents deep into the archives, saying she is hopeful that the given report will have legal effects.