Measles outbreak reported in Sangerei


An outbreak of measles was recently reported in Sangerei district, with at least 11 children falling ill, 10 of whom are members of the same family. The National Agency for Public Health ANSP says that none of them was vaccinated against measles because of their family’s religious beliefs.

The children who caught the disease are between the ages of 2 and 19. They experienced fever, conjunctivitis and rashes. Currently, the children are under the supervision of the doctor and are receiving appropriate care.

According to ANSP data, from the beginning of the year until May 24, 66 confirmed cases of measles were reported in the country, eight of which were imported (Romania and the United Kingdom).

Public health specialists repeatedly warn the public that measles is a highly contagious infection and parents are advised to vaccinate their children, as vaccination is the only sure way of protection against measles, as well as other infectious diseases, and belonging to a denomination religion, nationality, or ethnicity does not protect against disease.

Vaccination is offered free of charge at the ages of 12 months, 6-7 years and 15-16 years. If the children did not get vaccinated at the appropriate ages, the family doctor will propose an individual vaccination schedule.