MDL 5 511.4 mln accumulated in the state budget and 5 240.5 mln spent in 7 months


The incomes of the state budget in the first 7 months of 2006 exceeded the planned level with MDL 347.1 mln or by 6.7%. According to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC), in the first 7 months of 2006, there were accumulated incomes amounting to MDL 5 511.4 mln or by MDL 813.9 mln more compared with the similar period of 2005. Of the total sum of incomes, the basic incomes amount to MDL 4 845.2 mln or 110.2% of the plan for this period. Compared with the same period of the last year, an increase of MDL 692.0 mln or by 16.7% were registered. MEC states that the average daily incomes for this period constituted MDL 33.0 mln while in the last year this index was of MDL 28.6 mln daily. At the same time, in order to implement investment projects, during these 7 months there were attracted financial resources amounting to MDL 124.9 mln and MDL 94.2 mln were accumulated in the special fund, including MDL 448.5 mln of special resources accumulated by the institutions financed from the state budget. At the same time, MDL 5 204.5 mln were spent, which constitutes 80.9% of the plan for the reported period. Compared with January-July 2005 an increase by MDL 996.0 mln or by 23.5% was registered. The basic expenses of the state budget constituted MDL 4 452.8 mln, increased by MDL 919.5 mln or by 26% compared with the similar period of 2005. Among these, there are included external payments. In this way, according to the settled schedule payments amounting to USD 23.6 mln were performed, which constitutes MDL 306.1 mln. At the same time MDL 87.4 mln were used for paying internal debts. All the payment documents presented by July 31 to the budget executors in the State Treasure units were integrally executed.