Maib edu: Financial and Digital Literacy Program


Maib is pleased to announce the launch of the maib edu program, an initiative aimed at educating the public about responsible finances, digital banking solutions, and other important day-to-day matters. The program will begin on September 1, 2023.

As a socially responsible corporate institution, maib aims to provide information and practical tools to empower everyone, from curious adolescents to experienced business people, to meet their financial goals and apply the acquired banking and digital knowledge in the business environment and day-to-day use.

Giorgi Shagidze, Chairman of the Management Board of maib, said:

"I believe that financial literacy is directly related to society's wellbeing. By launching the maib edu project, we aim to increase financial and digital education in the community, as well as the use of online banking services. It is a priority project that we will develop in the long term in order to promote healthy money management habits, and spread the word about the modern technologies in online banking – something that we strongly believe will benefit the entire country."

The maib edu program is part of maib's portfolio of corporate social responsibility projects.

As part of the program, the broader public will have access to information about money, finance, capital markets, investments, as well as tutorials, expert opinions, and technical advice that can make managing finances simpler, and much more.

The information will be presented in various formats on the maib edu Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and on the maib blog.

Maib edu: Learn. Plan. Manage.

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