Maib business: CASCO insurance for your company transport


Company transport is worth a lot in business and is a mainstay in producing and delivering goods. CASCO insurance covers damage to all types of transport operating in a company, from cars and trucks to trailers and tractors.

Maib, in partnership with the safest insurance companies, provides the complete spectrum of insurance services - designed to provide customers with the best solution tailored to the customer's profile.

CASCO is the insurance that covers damage to your vehicle caused by accidents, unlawful actions of third parties, natural disasters or other covered events, and theft of the car, its parts or components.

Advantages of CASCO insurance:

  • Covers the complete package of risks - CASCO TOTAL;
  • Flexibility and operativity when concluding contracts;
  • Provision of technical, advisory, legal assistance, etc., throughout the insurance period;
  • Priority on the payment of compensation within the minimum term;
  • Repair of the vehicle in the best technical repair centers;
  • Guaranteed cover with one of the country's largest/safest Insurance Companies.

Follow the steps to get insurance:

  1. Send a request to politeBB@maib.md, attaching the necessary documents (vehicle registration certificate; documents confirming the value of the vehicle (for new vehicles): sales contract and/or tax invoice, and if the car belongs to an individual, identity card and driving licence).
  2. Receive the insurance offer by email;
  3. Shortly, you will be contacted by the bank representative - to discuss the details of the offer, the possibility of carrying out the risk inspection and the details of the payment of the insurance premium.
  4. Pay the insurance premium;
  5. Receive the insurance policy for signature (holograph, in the bank branch or with electronic signature).

With maib, it is simple and easy!

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