Maia Sandu: Support framework for next seven years will be decided in Brussels


The common direct support framework for the next seven years and the assistance that Moldova could receive within the Eastern Partnership will be decided in Brussels the coming months, President Maia Sandu informed upon her return from Belgium, IPN reports.

According to President Sandu, during her visit she underlined that Moldova needs assistance for economic development, including for supporting the SMEs by mechanisms that ensure access to cheaper financing, by infrastructure projects, including in the energy sector, for ensuring the country’s energy security. Maia Sandu said they discussed the necessary capital investment projects, heat conservation projects so as to reduce building maintenance costs. She underlined the necessity of helping farmers to adjust to climate change and become competitive, including by major investments in irrigation projects.

The official noted the major goal of her visit to Brussels was to ask for assistance for the health system and for swifter access to COVID-19 vaccines for doctors and other frontline healthcare worker and also for immediate financial assistance and assistance in ensuring the faster vaccination of Moldovans. All the interlocutors promised they will look for solutions for the vaccines to be delivered to Moldova as soon as possible.

Maia Sandu also said that she was assured in Brussels that the EU institutions, in cooperation with international institutions, will try to help Moldova in addition to what they have done so far. She obtained confirmation that €21.4 million from the police reform support program will be allocated as swiftly as possible. Also, the resilience contract to the value of €15 million in the form of grant will be signed and the money will be released speedily.

President Sandu stated that the EU shows considerable openness to Moldova and this fact was confirmed in the meetings she had with the EU high-ranking officials. The EU has enormous potential to help Moldova, but this potential wasn’t used by the rulers of Moldova who pursued group, corrupt goals and ignored citizens’ interests. When Moldova has a stable government, all the EU funds will be become accessible and more assistance will be offered to the country’s citizens.

Maia Sandu paid a visit to Brussels during January 17-19.