Maia Sandu: Norway subscribed to EU sanctions


The European Union will sanction persons who want to destabilize Moldova and endanger the country’s stability and security, said President Maia Sandu, who on Monday announced that Norway subscribed to the EU’s sanctions, IPN reports.

“The persons put on the sanctions list will have their movement restricted, while their property and money in EU countries will be blocked. Norway subscribed to the EU’s sanctions. The Canadian authorities announced their sanctions on June 1. All these states help us to stop those who want to destabilize the country and to block our future,” President Sandu told a news conference.

The EU Partnership Mission in Moldova was officially launched ahead of the summit. According to Maia Sandu, this mission will help the state institutions to strengthen their capacities to manage crises and will contribute to increasing the country’s resilience to hybrid threats, including as regards cybersecurity and countering of foreign disinformation.

“Moldova is safe close to the friends of our country. Moldova is not alone in front of the experienced difficulties and dangers. We received powerful diplomatic support messages – the European leaders say it clearly that Moldova is not alone and our future is in the European Union,” stated the official.

The European Union announced the sanctioning of five persons who threaten the stability and security of the Republic of Moldova. Four are Moldovan citizens, namely the politicians Ilan Shor, Marina Tauber, Gheorghe Cavcaliuc and Vlad Plahotniuc. The foreign citizen is Igor Chaika, a Russian businessman known for his ties to the former Moldovan president Igor Dodon.

Canada also imposed sanctions on Moldovan oligarchs, business people and politicians over their connections to Russia and to prevent alleged Russian destabilization efforts in the region, the Canadian foreign ministry said. The targeted individuals include the Shor Party’s leader, exiled businessman Ilan Shor; former Moldovan parliament member Vladimir Plahotniuc and businessman Veaceslav Platon.