Maia Sandu: No threat of military attack on Moldova


There is no military threat to the security of the Republic of Moldova, assures President Maia Sandu, who says that there is no indication of any military preparations taking place in the Transnistrian region. The president says that the developments on the eastern bank of the Nistru River are constantly monitored by the authorities in Chisinau, those in Ukraine and Moldova’s foreign partners.

“We have the eastern districts of the Republic of Moldova that are not controlled by the legitimate authorities, we have foreign troops (stationed there), there is a certain dose of risk here. But there is no danger of a military attack on the Republic of Moldova. There are no movements or actions in the Transnistrian region which would lead to the conclusion that participation in military actions is being prepared there. It is natural to be worried, we never imagined that military actions will take place on the border with Moldova, but, I repeat, there is no information that would indicate any military threat for the Republic of Moldova”, Maia Sandu told a talk show on ProTV Chisinau.

Sandu says she wasn’t surprised by the renewed demands of the separatist leaders to recognize the independence of the Transnistrian region, after Chisinau signed the application for EU membership. She notes that de facto authorities in Tiraspol have been using the same rhetoric for 30 years.


“The formulation remains puzzling for me. On the one hand, they say that they do not want to be part of the Republic of Moldova, on the other hand, they have pretensions as to the future plans of the Republic of Moldova. I have seen such statements, it’s nothing new. Let us first ask them why they do not give up the Free Trade Agreement with the European Union, if they do not like the European future of the Republic of Moldov”, Maia Sandu added.

The president also described as useless the initiative of the parliamentary opposition to make Moldova permanently neutral. Sandu says that the Constitution already enshrines neutrality, and any duplication of the constitutional provisions is inappropriate.