Macro-financial situation and economic prospects of Moldova presented in Brussels


The macro-financial situation and the economic prospects of the Republic of Moldova were presented by the governor of the National Bank of Moldova, Anca Dragu, at the high-level conference “Central Bank Independence in a Changing World”, which was organized in Brussels for the constituent members of the International Monetary Fund. The governor highlighted the role of banks’ independence and the importance of integrity, transparency and accountability, which are meant to ensure the credibility and stability of the financial sector, IPN reports.

The meeting focused on central banks’ concerns in the context of a changing world. The participants debated current trends and new challenges related to the independence of central banks, issues related to the exercise of their mandates, as well as topics concerning interest rates and financial stability.

The governor presented the macro-financial situation and economic prospects of the Republic of Moldova, the achievements in the banking sector, referring to the deepening of international cooperation to take adopt standards and good practices in fulfilling the criteria for Moldova’s accession to the European Union. 

“Moldova is very determined in its European path. We want the economy to grow in a sustainable manner. We want the Moldovans to enjoy the guarantees and benefits that the European Union can offer: democracy, peace, security, and prosperity,” stated Anca Dragu.

The conference in Brussels was organized by the National Bank of Belgium. The governor of the NBM, Anca Dragu, participated in the conference during her working visit to Brussels, where she had bilateral meetings with high-ranking officials of the European Union.