Litvinenco provides details about distribution of posts between government and opposition


There will be two Deputy Speakers of Parliament and one of them will be a representative of the PAS, while the other one will represent the PCRM-PSRM bloc. Of the 11 standing commissions, seven or eight will be managed by PAS, sad the party’s vice president Sergiu Litvinenco. According to the MP, the parliamentary majority this Thursday will constitute all the executive bodies of Parliament and will form all the parliamentary groups so that the Head of State could start consultations for designating a candidate for Prime Minister, IPN reports.

Sergiu Litvinenco said the Parliament Speaker and one of the Deputy Speakers will represent PAS. PAS MPs will also head most of the permanent commissions.

“The functionality of Parliament will be ensured on Thursday. Parliamentary consultations will be held later. There will be two Deputy Speakers – one on behalf of the PAS and one on behalf of the Socialists. Of the 11 commissions, seven or eight will be managed by PAS, while the rest by the opposition. The Shor Party can head one of the commissions, but the numerical composition will reflect the proportionality in Parliament,” the PAS vice president stated in the talk show “Black Box” on TV8 channel.

According to jurist Teodor Cârnaț, if Parliament is unable to elect its administration on Thursday, the consultations between the President and the parliamentary groups for nominating a candidate for Premier will be put off until next week.

“The President cannot invite the parliamentary groups to consultations to choose a candidate for Prime Minister if these were formed officially, but the executive bodies of Parliament weren’t established. There is a Constitutional Court judgment on the issue. If the groups are formed on Thursday and the Speaker, Deputy Speaker and the Standing Bureau are elected, the President can hold consultations,” said Teodor Cârnaț, who is a constitutional law expert.

Under the law, the President nominates a candidate form premiership after having consultations with the parliamentary groups. Later, the candidate has 15 days to create the team and design the government program. The Cabinet is invested by the votes of at least 51 MPs.