Library Nocturnal Campaign held in Chisinau


The National Library of the Republic of Moldova hosted the Library Nocturnal Campaign. According to the Library’s director Elena Pintilei, the event is organized together with the public libraries of Romania on their initiative. “The campaign will improve the image of libraries in the community, will promote book and reading in different forms and will help to rediscover the library in a different way,” Elena Pintilei stated in the opening of the event.

The activities as part of the campaign were concomitantly held in Moldova and Romania until late in the evening of September 30. The National Library housed creation and writing workshops, interactive and mind games and exhibitions of paintings by Moldovan plastic artists. There were staged excursions through the Library’s areas, including places closed to users.

Elena Pintilei said that this year’s edition lays emphasis on a collection of vinyl records that are very valuable to the National Library. These epoch records were played on a gramophone. Also, the exhibition space “Old and Rare Book” was opened to users. The children could take part in calligraphy and interactive writing workshops.

The Library Nocturnal Campaign is organized annually under a partnership between the Association of Librarians of the Republic of Moldova and the National Association of Librarians and Public Libraries of Romania. The 2022 edition is titled “Share location@BIBLIOTECĂ”.