Lawyer for Vitalie Perciun submits complaint to ECHR


Oxana Eșanu, the lawyer for businessman Vitalie Perciun, said that an application was submitted to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) following the detention and abusive arrest of her client. “It is a registered complaint to the ECHR on my behalf as a lawyer and on behalf of my client. We hope that only through the agency of an independent justice system, we will obtain equitable justice in the case of Vitalie Perciun. The life of my client and of the members of his family is in danger owing also to the actions of the Prosecutor’s Office,” the lawyer stated in a news conference at IPN.

The lawyer noted that Vitalie Perciun is the victim of a raider attack aimed at taking his business that is staged with the agency of the law enforcement agencies. The first argument is the fact that he was arrested one day before a trial by which he tried to save a company from insolvency and which involved the interest groups of Vîlcu and Andronachi whose lawyer knew that Vitalie Perciun was to be arrested before the arrest warrant was issued and there are witnesses who can confirm this.

According to the lawyer, the reason for the arrest of Vitalie Perciun is a case fabricated against him. The damage is fictitious. Based on a transfer of 33 lei into the share capital of a company owned by Vitalie Perciun, they claim the value of a real estate unit that is worth over 10 million lei.

Oxana Eșanu noted that the businessman was arrested by investigating officer Valerii Țurcanu without this allowing Vitalie Perciun to present all the declarations as a suspect. The declarations were interrupted and a signed arrest warrant taken from a secured metal box was presented. So, the evidence of the defense and the made declarations were of no interest.

The investigating officer was the protagonist of a number of journalistic investigations. He accused Vitalie Perciun of this fact and had a grudge against him.

Vitalie Perciun had objectives and before his arrest challenged the actions taken to process data from his personal card, which became known to the witness in the case of criminal Mihail Railean, who is one of those who are behind the scheme to appropriate Vitalie Perciun’s businesses, stated the lawyer.

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