Last Baccalaureate exam held without incidents


No student was removed from the examination hall during the last Baccalaurean exam of the current session, in the mother tongue for Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Gagauz students, head of the Quality Assurance Agency Anatol Topala said in a press briefing on June 19, quoted by IPN.

The exam was taken by 437 twelfth graders. The exam papers will be graded until June 26 and the results will be made public on June 27. The students will have three days to challenge their grades, if they are dissatisfied with them.

As many as 26,818 twelfth graders have sat the Baccalaurean exams this year. These included 7,533 students who didn’t pass the exams the previous sessions. An additional examination session will be held on July 16-23, for candidates who didn’t present themselves at the exams for objective reasons or who got negative grades.