Jurists: There are preconditions for Stoianoglo to win case at ECHR


There are preconditions for the suspended Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo to win the case at the European Court of Human Rights, while the speed of the developments in this case generates suspicions, consider jurists. According to them, the swiftness seen in the case of Stoianoglo is detrimental to the quality of justice. They say the political interference in this case, especially when the prosecutor general was not allowed to provide arguments to prove his innocence at the meeting for the Superior Council of Prosecutors, is evident, IPN reports.

According to jurists of the Legal Resources Center, the gravity of the accusations made against Stoianoglo requires maximum responsibility, while the rushed process arouses suspicions as to hidden interests, including political ones.

“Justice done in a hurry is not of a high quality and Stoianoglo can go to the national courts to exhaust the internal remedies and will then go to the ECHR and will win the case. The speed at which the procedures are performed makes me believe that it is a different case and particular goals are probably pursued. The whole process was forced by the political factor through legislative amendments that were adopted in a hurry before the day of arrest. An honorable resignation and then a struggle in court would be a method for Stoianoglo to gain credibility,” Legal Resources Center jurist Ilie Chirtoacă stated in the talk show “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

Constitutional law expert Teodor Cârnaț said the processes around the case of the suspended prosecutor general are “forced”. Political interference has been perceived starting from the meeting of the Superior Council of Prosecutors, when a prosecutor was assigned to deal with MP Lilian Carp’s complaint.

“In a state with the rule of law, each person is guaranteed access to justice, either it is state capture, war or pandemic. The principle of presumption of innocence is also guaranteed and these principles are absolute. In this case, Stoianoglo should have been allowed to defend himself in front of the SCP. We saw that he was not allowed to and this was a political move. No matter how many proofs are collected in this case, it already has a political stamp,” stated Teodor Cârnaț.

The suspended Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo was remanded in custody for 72 hours and was then placed under house arrest for a 30-day period. He is accused of signing the report to a bill that facilitated the Russian Laundromat when he chaired the parliamentary commission on national security, defense and public order. Stoianoglo is also accused of taking US$5.5 million from Veaceslav Platon for making sure that this is set free. Prosecutor in charge of the case Victor Furtună challenged the court decision to place Stoianoglo under house arrest, asking for preventive detention.