June was month of rain deficiency and dog days


June was marked by the lack of precipitation and high temperatures. As a result, the reserves of productive moisture in soil decreased and the conditions for the growth and development of crops worsened, IPN reports, quoiting specialists of the State Weather Service.

In June the average monthly air temperature was +20.5...+22.5°C, which is by 2.0-3.5°C higher than the norm. According to weather forecasters, such developments are witnessed once in five-ten years.

The highest temperature was +36°C. The days with temperatures of over +30°C numbered 5-13 at a time when the norm is 2-6 days. The number of days with temperatures of +35°C and over was one-two days, the norm being one day.

The precipitation that fell on 95% of the country’s territory represented 3-30 mm (5-40% of the norm), while in some observation points (5% of the territory) – 45-70 mm (60-95% of the norm).