Japan supports modernization of “Olimp” Lyceum in Rezina


Over 570 students of the Theoretical Lyceum “Olimp” based in Rezina town will enjoy optimal learning conditions owing to the modernization of the educational institution, which became possible thanks to the support of Japan. Under the signed grant contract, US$171,995 in grant funding will be provided by the Government of Japan in the framework of the Kusanone Program, IPN reports.

The money will go to repair block of study B. The roof will be replaced, while the rooms, including the library and reading hall, plastic arts hall and laboratory, dance hall and sanitary facilities, will be renovated. The wirings and heating system, the water supply, sewerage and ventilation systems will be replaced.

In the signing ceremony, Japan’s Ambassador to Moldova Yamada Yoichiro said that the last few years represented one of the most difficult periods in the history of education all over the world. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, activities in schools were almost impossible. When the vaccines became available and hope that the students will return to ordinary life appeared, the schools in Moldova were exposed to the effects of an unexpected war and had to integrate refugee children and to adjust to the high prices of all goods.

The ambassador noted that there are now more reasons for being optimistic about the future of Moldova’s children. By continuing internal reforms, Moldova will become a member of the European Union. The membership in the EU will enable Moldova to ensure equity, transparency, good laws and social protection. These are all elements needed for an equitable society in which honest work is rewarded. As a member, Moldova could maximize its formidable potential of human resources.

“Olimp” Lyceum principal Veronica Gheorghița said that their team is proud that it was chosen out of the multiple submitted projects to have one of the blocks of study renovated. She expressed her confidence that the project will be implemented so that the students could enjoy studies of a high quality.

The Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects – Kusanone Program was launched in Moldova in 2008. So far Japan provided over US$7 million in grant funding for 86 projects.