Iurie Muntean: Shor Party exploits people’s poverty


The Common Agenda will provide solutions to the problems experienced by society and will warn the foreign partners when the government commits abuses, said the leader of the Civic Congress Party Iurie Muntean. According to the politician, the authorities do not have a country development strategy and the Shor Party’s rating grows against the incompetence of the Party of Action and Solidarity, IPN reports.

Recently, a number of political parties agreed to meet and discuss pressing problems encountered by the citizens. The parliamentary and extraparliamentary opposition created a Common Agenda – a platform for discussing social, economic, energy issues. It was agreed that the platform’s meetings will take place weekly, on Tuesday.

“Eight parties took part. This is an absolutely normal event awaited by the citizens. This format could not include a quasi-criminal party like the Shor Party and its ally, the Party of Communists. We held the first meeting on the Common Agenda platform. By rotation, the discussions will take place at the head offices of other parties. We meet not only to exchange statements. We presented a report on the provisions of the new Electoral Code, which we will submit to the foreign partners, the Venice Commission, the OSCE,” the leader of the Civic Congress Party Iurie Muntean stated in the program “Reflection Points” on Vocea Basarabiei channel.

The politician noted that the PAS government is advantaged by a discredited opposition like that of the Shor Party. Either the protests staged in central Chisinau are paid or not, the government is obliged to provide solutions to people’s problems.

“On the one hand, we have a government that does not propose anything, does not have plans, ideas, vision but fills the information space with protocol pictures taken at meetings without palpable results. Those who are in power are advantaged when they have such an opponent as Shor as their legitimacy in the foreign partners’ eyes increases this way. The Shor Party profits from the situation in society and exploits the people’s poverty, using it as an instrument for gaining political advantages. But this does not mean that society should not have objections to the governance. The government should come up with solutions to the problems experienced by the citizens” said Iurie Muntean.

In the snap parliamentary elections of July 11, 2021, the Common Action – Civic Congress Party gained 0.77% of the poll or 11,269 votes.