Ion Sturza: Moldovan administration is valued more at foreign level than at domestic level


The administration of the Republic of Moldova is much more appreciated at foreign level than at domestic level, said ex-Prime Minister Ion Sturza. According to him, the current political situation is similar to that of 1998-1999, when the political class was valued at foreign level, but didn’t enjoy massive support on the part of the population. Ion Surza considers the inefficiency of the PAS government is due to the lack of experience, IPN reports.

The former Premier said the government enjoys unprecedented openness on the part of the international partners, but does not enjoy the same success at internal level. However, the largest part of the country’s population remains pro-European.

“The political administration of the Republic of Moldova is appreciated more at foreign level than at domestic level. I must draw a parallel with what happened in 1998-1999. We were extremely valued and had a full agenda when we went to international events. Everyone wanted to meet with us, but we returned home and the pensions were paid as they were paid. Energy was coming as it was coming. The dissatisfaction of the people was growing and, even if we were young, European and sympathetic, the daily problems encountered by the citizens had consequences.  The sympathies of most of the people are pro-European as these saw the hideous alternative that started this war in Ukraine and a mentally healthy person surely cannot plead for joining the Eurasian Union,” Ion Sturza stated in the program “Reflection Points” on Vocea Basarabiei station.

According to him, the Moldovan government lags behind in implementing the conditions put forward by the European Commission and this is due to the senior administration’s incapacity to manage the processes. The representatives of the government are well-intentioned, but they are exhausted and inexperienced.

“The homework is done inappropriately. We have more shortcomings that Georgia. This is due to the lack of capacity. We have an inexperienced, slightly romantic, slightly ideological political class that is unable to impose itself in society and inside the government. The inefficiency derives from here. Everything depends on the quality of the human factor, the human resources. I do not have any doubt about the honesty of the PAS politicians, about their uprightness, but they were slightly corrupted by the power too. As a general element, following the discussions I had with them, I noticed tiredness in many of those who didn’t spare the physical and mental efforts and are now in a state of exhaustion,” said the ex-Premier.

Ion Sturza served as Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova in February-December in 1999. Today, he is a businessman and lives in Romania.