Ion Chicu: We might have two more airports by 2021


Prime Minister Ion Chicu says that by 2021, two more airports could be opened in Moldova, in the north and south of the country. He argues that not only should the Chisinau International Airport be returned to state management, but also airport infrastructure should be developed.

Ion Chicu says that in order to develop airport infrastructure, a competition for the Chisinau Airport should be created. “We have already started talking to specialists. This week we will also have a clear plan of action in this area. I think it is very possible, if not this year, then next year, I mean in 2021, to have at least one airport in the north, we are considering either Marculești or Balți, and one in the south – probably in Ceadâr-Lunga. It is up to professionals to develop a pre-feasibility study for us to understand where building them makes more sense economically”, stated the prime minister at the talk-show “Punctul pe azi” on TVR Moldova.

The prime minister says that to develop Mărculești airport, it would take 17-18 million euros investments from the state. “It has an international airport certificate, can receive (commercial) flights, and the runway is very good. The only thing, the location is not the best. There is also the airport near Balti which requires more investment, but its location is much better and has a real possibility for growth”, says Ion Chicu.

He added that the Government does not onlycount on public investments to develop this sector, but also on attracting resources from the private sector and investments from abroad. “My colleagues are already discussing with some companies from Germany, renowned in the industry, we will launch a competition when we have a clear understanding of how to act. We focus on the possibility of private investments in this infrastructure”, said the prime minister.