Ion Chicu is the most suitable candidate for prime minister position and has no political ambitions, opinion


The candidate put forward by President Igor Dodon for the position of prime minister, Ion Chicu, is best suited for this position in the current political context of Moldova. He has no political ambitions. The opinion was expressed by political scientist Igor Volnițchi. According to him, having a prime minister without political ambitions is important at the current stage. If the head of the executive is a person with political ambitions, then this person determines how the entire government works in order to fulfill these political ambitions, while the Republic of Moldova does not need this right now.

"We do not need such a government. We had many governments like this. We need a person who clearly understands why does he or she is lead the executive and for how long. It is very important that Ion Chicu has accepted to take responsibility during these difficult times. For many, this may seem like "political suicide", however, this is not the case", said Igor Volnițchi during the NTV Moldova show "Glavnîi vopros".

Former MP Victor Stepaniuc said that the new government should be invested as soon as possible, because Moldova has already lost a lot of time in 2019 due to parliamentary elections, followed by endless negotiations regarding forming a coalition, then by the local general elections.

Socialist MP Bogdan Țîrdea said that the Chicu government could be voted into office very soon. The politician said that it is absolutely normal for the next government to be very quickly appointed, because the country is not prepared for the cold season and has not adopted the budget for next year, which hinders business sector investment plans. Additionally, the government needs to address a difficult situation related to the payroll fund and the pension fund. According to Bogdan Țîrdea, a delay could lead to the dissolution of the Parliament, which could lead to a deep political and social crisis.

The Cabinet of Ministers led by Prime Minister Maia Sandu was dismissed on November 12, during the Parliament's plenary session. 63 PSRM and Democratic MPs voted in favor of the motion of censure which was filed by the Socialist Party group in order to block th prime minister's initiative of assuming responsibility for amending the Law on the Prosecutor's Office, which involved the submission by the prime minister of a short list of candidates for the General Prosecutor position. The former prime minister's coalition partner - the Socialist Party did not accept this bill, called it unconstitutional and filed a motion of censure against the executive.