Initiative group for conducting After Poll 2020 will present poll results at 9pm and 10pm on November 15


The initiative group for implementing the project “After Poll 2020presidential elections” invites the mass media of the Republic of Moldova and foreign journalists accredited to cover the presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova to news conferences to sum up the interviewing of voters within the After Poll 2020.

The preliminary results of the After Poll 2020 will be presented at 9pm on November 15, while the final ones at 10pm on November 15.

The population will be polled to determine the voting preferences of those who already voted on November 15, between 12:30pm and 9:30pm. Given the pandemic, the poll will be conducted not on the exit of polling stations, but by phone.

The polling will be in strict compliance with the legislation and the principles of correctness and transparency applying to such procedures. The After Poll will be anonymous, while the numbers of the mobile phones and landlines will be chosen at random and will not remain in the database after the phone interview. The poll results will be announced after the closure of polling stations.

The initiative of civic activities and nongovernmental organizations to survey voters on the election day met with a negative reaction on the part of the administration of the CEC. This tries to exert pressure on the organizers of the After Pool and to frighten the representatives of the mass media, threatening with the involvement of the police, the Center for the Protection of Personal Data and the Audiovisual Council. The initiative group for implementing the project “After Poll 2020presidential elections” notes that any attempt to block the polling and to inform about the poll result represents abuse of power and violation of the civil rights and is a serious deviation from the democratic norms.
The news conference will take place in the Red Hall of the Summit Events Business Center.  Journalists will have access starting at 7:30pm.

Initiative group for implementing project
“After Poll 2020 – presidential elections”

November 15, 2020, Chisinau

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