Infectious Disease Unit of Criuleni Hospital in a disastrous state, to be transferred


The Infectious Disease Unit of the Criuleni District Hospital will be urgently relocated or will be simply closed, said Minister of Health Ala Nemerenco. She said that the unit is in a disastrous state and during a recent visit to this, she didn’t find any patient there as these went home to sleep, IPN reports.

“I’m back from a surprise visit to the Criuleni District Hospital. In the evening, one can see more than during the day. I was seriously upset by one thing and was heartened by other things. Even if in general it is a neat hospital with renovated wards, young doctors, skilled personnel, the hospital has an explosive that is ready to blow up. This is the Infectious Disease Unit in which the famous Hitchcock could have filmed his best horror movies,” stated the minister.

Ala Nemerenco noted that the hospital during the last few years was renovated with the involvement of the founder but mostly with the assistance of Swiss partners. But the Infectious Disease Unit wasn’t repaired and is in a dreadful condition. “I didn’t find any patient there. All the patients went home to sleep in the state in which they were. Tomorrow the unit will be urgently transferred or will be simply closed,” stated the minister.

She said that she does not blame the doctors and thanks them for not leaving the country and for remaining to work in such conditions. “We know that the resources have been limited but there is a lower limit that cannot be passed. If you experience problems and do not have solutions, come to the Ministry and we will help you. Solutions can always be identified,” noted the official, underlining that it’s time to have appropriate hospitals for the people.