Igor Dodon: The closer are elections, the higher is number of attacks


“The closer are the presidential elections, the higher is the number of attacks on the President,” stated Igor Dodon, expressing his confidence that he will have the best chances of winning the elections if he runs, IPN reports. 

“That’s why they started to attack me. My political opoonents attack me as they hope to be my rivals in the upcoming presidential elections, even if I didn’t say that I will definitely run. Plahotniuc also attacks me harshly as he had to flee the Republic of Moldova owing to the actions we took last summer,” President Dodon stated in the program “President Responds”.

He noted that different videos that were filmed in secret and about which he knew are being disseminated. “I consciously assumed a part of the burden so that we could get rid of Plahotniuc.”

According to Igor Dodon, attempts are being made to demoralize him, but these will not have an effect. “I receive all kinds of threatening messages. It happened similarly last year. Last year I showed character and went up to the end. I will do the same this year.”

As to the MPs who demanded that he should resign, President Dodon said these are the aides of Plahotniuc. The statements, videos and protests are all related between them and are coordinated by Vladimir Plahotniuc.

Igor Dodon also said that to suspend the President, as some want, 67 votes are needed in Parliament and the procedure is not at all simple. As the Party of Socialists and the Democratic Party hold 52 votes together, such a procedure is doomed to failure.

He also said that he will not tender his resignation. As regards his running in the presidential elections, he noted he will take a decision in September.