Igor Dodon: Russia could offer Moldova US$1bn for infrastructure projects


The Russian Federation could offered the Republic of Moldova US$ 1 billion for repairing roads, President Igor Dodon stated in a special edition on NTV channel . He said he discussed the possibility of obtaining massive support for infrastructure projects with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, IPN reports.

“The access to this support, which will consist of a loan and grant aid, offered by the Russian Federation, the Eurasian Union, is a very clear perspective for the Republic of Moldova,” stated Igor Dodon.

He noted he managed to obtain the annulment of customs duties on the export of a series of Moldovan agricultural products, mainly apples, grapes, cherries, cans and wine, to Russia for a period of half a year, between January 1 and July 1, 2019. “We estimate the national producers will additionally earn at least 350 million lei as a result of the abolition of these taxes and they could reinvest this money here,” said President Dodon.