Igor Dodon: I think current Parliament should be dissolved


The current legislative body no longer corresponds to the results of the parliamentary elections held last February as a part of the MPs switched parties meanwhile. “I think the current Parliament should be dissolved and conditions should be created to prevent party switching and to elect another Parliament,” President Igor Dodon stated in the program “President Responds”, being quoted by IPN.

He provided details of the meeting of the PSRM-PDM coalition held on September 1. He noted that besides other subjects, they discussed the parliamentary majority that was initially formed of 36 MPs and over 20 Democrats. Currently, this consists of 37 Socialists and 11 Democrats. “The question is, what shall we do now with this coalition? I want a stable majority to exist. The laws proposed by the Government should be adopted. That’s why this subject was evidently discussed with its coalition partner, the PDM,” stated President Dodon.

According to him, with 48 MPs it will be impossible to vote in a Speaker or a Premier after the presidential elections as a minimum of 51 votes is needed. “During the next two weeks, we will see if we can have or cannot have a parliamentary majority. If there is support in Parliament, even with a minority Government, we will go on and will decide how to dissolve Parliament after the presidential elections. If not, a decision will be taken”.
Igor Dodon does not think that a new Government can be formed in Moldova before the presidential elections, regardless of the formula. However, after the inauguration of the President, the first decree that the next President will sign should be on the dissolution of Parliament. “The current Government led by the current Prime Minister will most probably work until the snap parliamentary elections, until next March or April.”

As to the meeting of the PAS leader Maia Sandu and the president of the PDM Pavel Filip, Igor Dodon said each party or party leader has the own agenda. However, he is ready for any scenario as a result of the decisions that will be taken by the current or former coalition partners of the Socialists.