Igor Dodon announced increases in pensions and salaries to strengthen his position before presidential elections, opinion


The announcement regarding the increase in pensions and salaries, the granting of some social aid for the disadvantaged layers of society was made by the president Igor Dodon so that he can consolidate his position before the presidential elections to be held next year. That is the opinion of commentator Corneliu Ciurea, who believes that there is nothing out of the ordinary when a politician resorts to such actions to boost his image, IPN reports.

"And one of the explanations of this stepping into the limelight of Mr. Dodon, and not of Mr. Chicu, was precisely his need to receive a round of applause and to be the center of attention. The next ballot has influenced this action, but I do not know to what extent politicians can be blamed for wanting to stand out, "Corneliu Ciurea told TVR Moldova.

Former adviser to former Prime Minister Maia Sandu, Vlad Kulminski, maintains he does not know where the Chicu Government will take the money from to implement the draft budget he has recently presented, but he thinks they will probably resort to financial tricks. "Probably, next year we will invest less in education, in other areas," Kulminski mentioned.

Former adviser says that, unlike the current executive, the former government did not plan to make cuts to the next year's budget and all the expenditure for 2020 was to be covered with money coming both from EU assistance and from the planned economic growth.

Economic expert Veaceslav Ionita claims that next year the increase in budget revenues will not exceed 8-9%, which means that the increase of wages by 10% creates a problem of about 150-200 million lei.