Igor Botan: People have high expectations for current government


The expectations for the current government have been set very high and it is important that the current governance does not appear similar to the previous one to the public opinion. This opinion was expressed in a public debate on the topic: "Summing up of the results of the new Parliament’s first session: the good and the bad", organized by IPN and Radio Moldova and belongs to Igor Botan, the permanent expert on the project.

"In any society, the media displays more sympathy for the opposition, even if the current opposition ruled for 10 years, while the current government has been in power only for two months and ten days," Igor Botan said.

The expert said that the current government is obliged to remain within the framework of the constitutional space. "The process of deoligarchization, however, must take place within the limits of the Constitution and the effective laws. It's a difficult process,” the expert said.

According to Igor Botan, the current government cannot do things that could be perceived by the public opinion as similar to the actions of the previous one. "Upon entering into these processes of review, investigation and inventory, the new government is looking for the possibility of establishing a positive program, based on which it can continue to govern," the expert said.

Igor Botan says that officials in the government must understand that sympathies will pass to the opposition, that is why the quality of governance will matter a lot. "In a state of normality, with a well-developed economy, under inertia, the economy can function for half a year. Officials from the government say that the social-economic situation is the result of the Democratic Party pre-electoral actions” the expert said.

Igor Botan said that things that happened with the so-called contests are disqualifying for the government and represent an advantage for the opposition.

On Tuesday, August 19, IPN organized public debates on the topic "Summing up of the results of the new Parliament’s first session: teh good and the bad". They were attended by Grigore Novac, deputy from the Socialist Party group, Vladimir Cebotari, Democratic Party group and Alexandru Slusari, deputy from the Dignity and Truth Platform, ACUM bloc. The Action and Solidarity Party and the Shor Party did not delegate their representatives to the debate.

The public debate titled "Summing up of the results of the new Parliament’s first session: the good and the bad" is the 115th installment of the "Developing Political Culture through Public Debates" Series, held with the support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation.