Igor Boțan: It is important for candidates for President not to antagonize each other


The opponents of incumbent President Igor Dodon, if he runs in this year’s presidential elections, could think about an eventual solution to combine forces. As the presidential elections are held in two rounds, this allows for maneuvering camp for all the potential candidates to become involved in the election campaign and all kinds of coalitions can be formed in the runoffs, considers political analyst Igor Boțan, who noted it is important not to antagonize each other to the extent to which to have no partners left.

In a public debate titled “Political or apolitical, party or common candidate for next elections, why?” that was organized by IPN News Agency, the standing expert of the Agency’s project said the parties formed particular aptitudes that are promoted by their representatives. In this regard, there is now a useful context – the new parliamentary elections in constituency No. 38 Hâncești. Even if these do not have a very great impact on the public life in Moldova, they are an extraordinary ground for paving the way for this autumn’s presidential elections.

As regards the potential of parties, Igor Boțan said that even after last autumn’s local elections, the biggest administrative potential in Hâncești belongs to the Democrats. These are followed by the ACUM Bloc and the Party of Socialists. After this “split” inside the ACUM Bloc, things seem to be favorable to the Democratic Party, which won the previous elections in single-member constituency No. 38 even if the ACUM Bloc’s candidate was considered favorite after the political vote in the local elections for the district council was von by ACUM.

“This exercise of March 15 will be a kind of lesson for all the political organizations that have announced their participation in the presidential elections. I see no drama in the fact that the fellows taking part in this debate have differing viewpoints as the presidential elections are held in two rounds. This means that any party can actually try to promote their candidates. What is important is for those who engage in this competition not to antagonize each other,” stated the expert.

According to him, it is normal for everyone to state parties’ crystalized viewpoints. But there will be maneuvering space up to the presidential elections. “There are reasons for the representatives of political parties to communicate, to come to terms. The positions of those who represent unionist and pro-European parties are acceptable when they are sure that one of the main candidates, Igor Dodon, will not win by the first round. “If such a risk exists, they should review their attitude. I can agree that even if Igor Dodon, who holds office of President, runs independently, he will be able to extend his electoral basis from this position” noted Igor Boțan.

He added that things are actually not so difficult. “There are no insurmountable barriers between parties and this ground, the constituency in Hâncești, will leave room for thinking. We have to only hope that with the approaching of the presidential elections, these parties will find a formula that will be accepted by the voters” stated Igor Boțan. According to him, any candidate for President will become involved in a political struggle. In such a situation, common candidates can surely exist.

The debate “Political or apolitical, party or common candidate for next elections, why?” was the 124th installment of the series of debates “Developing political culture through public debates” that are supported by the German foundation “Hanns Seidel”.