Igor Boțan: Benefits enjoyed by Moldova after EPC Summit are invaluable


The benefits enjoyed by Moldova as a result of the second European Political Community Summit by far surpass the costs of organizing it. Numerous European leaders have announced substantial support in the order of tens of millions of euros, so the effort made by the Moldovan authorities and citizens was fully worth it, said the political pundit Igor Boțan in an interview with IPN.

“Sure, there were minor inconveniences, traffic-related at least, but sometimes it’s worth being sensible and patient for the benefits we can get from such events. The determination and dedication of the authorities and citizens should ultimately result in benefits for our country and a foreseeable future in security and well-being”, says Igor Boțan.

The expert noted that a clear message was sent during the summit, namely that Moldova can count on further support in terms of security and even defense. “Here we have two aspects that converge in a way. First, I’m talking about the EU Civilian Partnership Mission, which is expected to be set up in Moldova and which has a very clear task: to combat hybrid dangers. The main task will probably be to combat cyber-attacks. Other issues to be addressed by this civilian mission are related to the persistent attempts to destabilize Moldova, and EU experts will have to team up with the Moldovan authorities, especially with the Ministry of the Interior, to identify all the risks for the security of the Republic of Moldova, the destabilizing attacks and find solutions to counter them”, says Igor Boțan.
The second aspect is military security, which is covered by the European Peace Facility. For several years already, it has been used to reequip the Moldovan National Army and provide our country with non-lethal equipment. “Now we are receiving additional support, worth over 80 million euros, of resources that will have to be used by Moldova to bring its armed forces to a level of readiness to face the existing challenges. Especially since Moldova, and we have to admit this, has shown itself as a responsible state that has contributed and continues to contribute to international security. Take the Kosovo mission, in which Moldovan soldiers and officers are participating”, said Boțan.

As for the concrete benefits for ordinary Moldovans, Igor Boțan noted the increased support, now reaching 1.6 billion euros. “Part of these resources will be used for raising the potential of our country to eventually assimilate investments and develop the economy and export capacity, as the EU is Moldova’s leading export market. More than two thirds of products manufactured in Moldova are exported to the EU”, said Igor Boțan.

The expert added that during the summit several countries announced how they will help our country in the coming period and what they have already offered ahead of the event. For example, “Norway has agreed to offer Moldova over 50 million euros to ensure energy independence; Poland provided police and military equipment; Hungary announced that it offers the Republic of Moldova support to raise defense resilience; The Netherlands has made statements that it is increasing its support for the Republic of Moldova”, illustrated Boțan, noting also the support from Romania.

Igor Boțan added that another area worth mentioning is the infrastructural one, but also the consolidation of Moldova’s administrative capacity ahead of the start of negotiations with the EU. Messages of support were delivered in this regard, with the negotiations becoming the most important point on the political agenda in Moldova. Thus, “the biggest benefit for the citizens is that at the end of this effort, the Republic of Moldova will be welcomed in the family of EU countries, where our country will be able to easily find its economic niche to develop”, noted Igor Boțan.

The interview entitled “European Political Community Summit for everyone” is part of the Political Culture Series, run by IPN with the support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation.